Bennett's grandfather a pilot during WWII and loved to tell stories of his grand adventures.  He'd reminisce about his time in the military, his wild days as a teenager, and, of course, the moment he saw my grandmother for the first time.  There he was, peeking through a hole in a wood fence at the public pool, trying to get a glimpse of the young girl with a tear in her suit who would later become his bride for 64 years.  What our family would give to hear him tell these sweet stories once more!  A short film of your loved ones sharing these stories of their lives will be treasured forever.

The Product

We will work with you and your loved one to capture the stories and life details that mean so much.  In a setting that will be most comfortable for them, we will interview, interact and gather footage that will be uniquely blended into a visual keepsake that will be enjoyed for generations to come.

Products include films of various lengths, from 5 to 30 minutes. Packages start at $1,500.

Babs & Truitt

An adorable couple shares with us how they first met and developed a lifelong relationship. A fun and joyfully tearful film, get your kleenex box ready! 

Lew Boyd

A Chattanooga native, war vet, and animal lover.  We had the honor to interview this young man and what a day it was.  Here are a few highlights of the film.

Ashleigh's Challenge

A true honor to work with this young woman.  This video is very prophetic as the main storyline was filmed several years ago.  After Ashleigh passed away her husband asked if I would do a video for the funeral.  He gave me several ideas to run with, and this was the only it could have gone. 

June Morgan

From riding a horse to work in the old days of Kentucky to becoming a wonderful school teacher, June is an amazing woman.