Bennett Lamb

Bennett grew up playing in the mountains in Eastern TN.  And though you can take the boy indoors, you can’t take the – or you can take the mountains out of the… well either way he still enjoys the great outdoors today. 

Shortly after college, Bennett worked as an outside sales rep for a small technology company in the area, beginning a love affair with computers, cameras, and creativity.  Before long, Bennett was creating graphic and video content for ministries, businesses and organizations in the Tennessee Valley.  Today Bennett is still doing what he loves - running around the hills of TN and capturing it with video.

Christian Holmes

Christian has many names, many places he’s called home and a wide variety of unique experiences that he brings to the team. After living in Peru + Costa Rica in his earlier years and spending time around different parts of TN and a variety of cultures within his family, he has been blessed with the ability to understand a diverse collection of people.

His ability to relate + gently communicate with our clients combined with his warm presence was the immediate attraction for Nostalgic Cache but his love for the production process has + is continuing to develop him into a remarkable filmmaker.


Andrea Lamb

North Vernon, Indiana was her stomping grounds with corn fields as far as the eye could see. Small town, close families. Time with her grandparents developed in her a love for stories of days gone by. A degree in Communications from Eastern Kentucky University, a love for the nostalgic, and a passion for people has proven to be a great recipe for what she and Bennett are doing today.  

Andrea and Bennett live in Chattanooga, TN with their two young children, Hudson and Caroline,  and their sweet, old dog, Grace. 

Casey Hyde

Similar to Bennett, Hyde has enjoyed surrounding himself with the beauty of creation in Eastern TN. The idea that he can capture it's beauty fascinates + drives his work. If you were to ask Hyde, "Why?" his answer would be simple. -- It's who I am. It was always there and it always will be a part of me. I love people + people motivate me therefore, it's an honor to capture their authenticity + the depth we are surrounded by in this gorgeous.

In 2015 Hyde moved from Brookyn, NY (a place saturated with creatives // filled with people chasing their dreams as artists) to join the team at Nostalgic Cache.